Ace the SAT

Here at Calcblog we try to bring you the best in articles that help you learn to use your calculator to its full potential, whether it be for your math classes, productivity at work, or test preparation. However, it’s not always easy to achieve a complete understanding of topics such as using your calculator through piecemeal sources alone. Thankfully, we now have another way to help you reach maximum proficiency with your calculator, no matter your level of understanding: We’re proud to announce the release of our first book, Ace the SAT Using Your TI Calculator.

ace the sat book Ace the SAT

Ace the SAT is the first book of its kind, developed to help students get the most out of their study time and their most important SAT math tool: their graphing calculator. This book begins by setting the stage for getting the most out of your study time, then delving into test taking and calculator strategies which will help you to solve problems faster and with more understanding. It also discusses why good students get bad SAT scores and how to address this problem.

This book is designed to help you get the most out of your calculator, whether you’ve been using a graphing calculator for years or have never picked up a TI-89 in your life. The first chapters cover the basic functions of the TI-84 Plus and TI-89 and how to use them to help with everyday problems. Further techniques demonstrate how to solve a variety of SAT test questions in a matter of seconds, leaving precious time for checking your work and making sure you are able to finish every problem. No matter what your calculator and math proficiency, the techniques in this book can take your math to the next level.

The SAT is practically a rite of passage for college-bound teens, though many people do not realize its importance. The SAT is used not only for college acceptance, but also for determining scholarship cutoffs—if you spend 30 hours studying for the SAT and get a $120,000 scholarship, that’s a salary of $4,000 an hour. This book could be worth 10,000 times its cover price! Of course, nobody from College Board is going to tell you that the best way to do well on the SAT is to use your calculator when it’s supposed to be a test that evaluates your so-called “mathematical reasoning.” This well-kept secret can help you to vastly improve your confidence and your score.


  • Introductory instructions to using and maintaining your calculator
  • In-depth lessons featuring dozens of calculator techniques to help you achieve the perfect score
  • Example problems with full solutions for the reader to follow along with on their calculator
  • Numerous test-taking strategies to set you apart
  • Quick review of all the math you’ll need to know for the SAT
  • Six appendices packed with useful tips, handy references, and advanced calculator tutorials
  • Designed for test takers of all levels, with tips which will help both on the SAT and in school and beyond
  • A full-length practice SAT math section with references to the text

Ace the SAT is available now at and other fine retailers.