Ace the SAT – Our New Test Prep Book!

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We’re very proud to announce Calcblog’s test preparation book, Ace the SAT Using Your TI Calculator: Using the TI-84 Plus and TI-89 to Crack the SAT Math Section! This book is packed with tips, tricks and test taking strategies on how to use your graphing calculator as a test taking tool to boost your SAT score on the Math section of the SAT exam.

Book Render Small Ace the SAT   Our New Test Prep Book!The SAT is practically a rite of passage for college-bound teens, though many people do not realize its importance. The SAT is used not only for college acceptance, but also for determining scholarship cutoffs—if you spend 30 hours studying for the SAT and get a $120,000 scholarship, that’s a salary of $4,000 an hour. This book could be worth 10,000 times its cover price! Of course, nobody from College Board is going to tell you that the best way to do well on the SAT is to use your calculator when it’s supposed to be a test that evaluates your so-called “mathematical reasoning.” This well-kept secret can help you to vastly improve your confidence and your score.

To learn more about how this book can benefit your test prep regimen, check out our article, or order Ace the SAT from

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