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We originally ran our series on Algebra skills from October 24-28, 2011, and received positive feedback from teachers and students on the content. To make this data easier to access, we’ve placed links to all the articles here—in one place so that it’s easier to navigate between them and share them with others. This index is also over here in our sidebar: →

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Algebra Skills

Our goal for this series is to provide a useful resource for both students and teachers, so that this article can be used in the classroom, for test prep, or to help yourself practice and master skills you never learned. With these tips, we hope you can make your algebra cleaner, faster, and more intuitive.

Part 1: Replacing Large Expressions With a Single Variable

Part 2: Moving Quantities Left and Right in Equations

Part 3: Using Substitution to Solve Equations

Part 4: How and When to Multiply in Algebra

Part 5: How to Use Fractions with Algebra Correctly

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