How to Change the Batteries on Your TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus or TI-89

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At some point while using your graphing calculator, you will turn on your calculator and be greeted with one of the following messages:

calculator battery low How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89

Unlike in many portable electronics, changing your calculator’s batteries does not simply mean swapping them out. In this article, learn about the different batteries in your calculator and how to change them without losing your calculator’s data.

1. Changing the Batteries on your Graphing Calculator – Preparation

graphing calculator battery case How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89

Notice the location of the backup battery (1) and standard AAA batteries (2) on this TI-83 Silver Edition

Your Texas Instruments graphing calculator has two sets of batteries: a standard set of AAA alkaline batteries  How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89 for day to day calculator use, and a lithium or silver oxide backup battery which is used for powering the calculator’s memory when the AAA batteries are removed. On the TI-83, TI-84, and TI-89, if you look at the backside of the calculator and remove the battery cover, you will notice a small cover held in place by a single screw (#1 in the image to the right) which houses the backup battery, and four visible AAA batteries (#2).

In most cases, you will only need to change the set of AAA batteries. Before changing the batteries, it is a good idea to backup any calculator programs you have to avoid potentially losing them, although with good practice this is usually not an issue. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can archive your graphing calculator programs and applications, covered in more detail in these articles for the TI-83 and TI-84 Plus and the TI-89 or Voyage 200.
  2. You can also back up the applications and programs on your computer using the TI-Connect software and calculator connector cable, explained here

2. Removing and Replacing the Standard Calculator Batteries

Once your important calculator programs are backed up (or if you’re going to be gamble and skip this step), you can now replace the batteries.

The first step is to ensure your calculator is powered off. Press 2nd ON to ensure the calculator is off. Placing the cover over the front of the calculator will ensure you don’t accidentally press any of the calculator keys and turn the calculator on while replacing the batteries.

replacing graphing calculator batteries How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89

Remove one battery, replace with the new battery, then proceed on to the next battery.

The best way to replace the batteries is to remove each battery individually, leaving the other three batteries intact, and replacing the battery you removed with a new battery, repeating for each of the four AAA cells. If you remove all batteries at once and then replace them with new batteries, you run the risk of losing your calculator programs. Ensure that the + and – ends are placed correctly. For best results, don’t use both old and new batteries in the calculator. Also, never mix rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

Once you have finished replacing all the batteries, place the battery cover on the back of the calculator, then power up the graphing calculator by pressing the ON button. If you were receiving a warning message about low batteries before changing the batteries, you should no longer see this message.

3. Adjusting Screen Contrast

Sometimes after changing your battery your calculator home screen contrast may be very dark or very light and you will have difficulty seeing characters on the screen. Fortunately, this is very easy to fix.

Press the 2nd button on your calculator, then either the arrow key to darken the display or arrow key to lighten the contrast. You may have to repeat this process several times, pressing 2nd and the corresponding arrow key until your screen has been returned to normal.

On the TI-89, to change the contrast, press + or to adjust the contrast as necessary.

4. Replacing the Backup Battery

Very rarely you may need to replace the calculator’s backup battery, usually once every three to four years. The backup battery can be found in its own compartment once you remove the battery cover, secured in place by a single screw. This battery is usually a lithium cell battery and shaped like a circular disc, which are also used in many wristwatches.

graphing calculator backup battery How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89

The calculator's backup battery sits in its own compartment and is held in place with a single screw.

To replace the backup battery, repeat the steps outlined in Step 1 for backing up your calculator’s applications either through archiving or computer backup. It is very important that the standard batteries remain intact in the calculator while replacing the backup battery, otherwise you will lose any data stored in the calculator’s memory.

After removing the standard battery cover, use a small Philips screwdriver to remove the screw holding the backup battery cover in place. Carefully remove the round backup battery. Replace the battery slot with the new backup battery, making sure the + is facing up.

The TI-83 and TI-84 use a CR1616 How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89 or CR1620 How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89 battery, which you can order through Calcblog’s account to support our site. The TI-89 uses a different battery, the SR44SW How to Change the Batteries on Your TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus or TI 89. Be sure to refer to your calculator’s manual for the proper backup battery to use, which may be different than what we have listed here.

Once the new backup battery is installed, place the backup battery cover over the battery and screw the compartment until it is snug. Finally, replace the main battery cover and you’re finished!

22 Responses to How to Change the Batteries on Your TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus or TI-89

  1. Andrew Borne

    The information regarding the lithium battery is incorrect. The TI-83 and TI-84 take the SR44SW and the TI-89 takes the CR1616 or CR1620.

    • calcblog

      Just opened up my TI-89 Titanium to check and it takes the SR44SW. My TI-83 Plus Silver takes the CR1616. Where are you getting your information? I guess this should be a fair warning though! Check your calculator before you go out and buy a battery :)

    • Abijah Zimmerman

      I have the TI-83+ and it uses CR1616 or CR1620.

  2. EC

    My TI-89 uses a CR-1616. After reading this article, I decided to re-check my battery. It uses a CR-1616. Note that I bought this TI-89 over 10 years ago and it is NOT a TI-89 Titanium, which likely accounts for the difference in battery type.

  3. EW

    My TI-84 plus uses a SR44SW battery but i am having trouble getting the battery out to change it appears to be stuck in there or something and i was wondering how it is supposed to come out.

    • clj

      Try using a very small flat head screw driver to remove the flat battery from the lip of the opening. Then place the new battery under lip of the opening to reinstall.

  4. Someone

    Thank you very much for this guide! :) ’twas very helpful. By the way, I unarchived my programmes after checking the new batteries worked fine – this is okay, isn’t it? Everything still works perfectly. (I have a TI 83+)


  5. Amber

    I could not find this info anywhere so just to give a heads up….be prepared to back up your calculator to your computer, USB drive, etc…. once you take out that backup battery you lose ANYTHING you had saved to the calculator.

  6. Chris Duffy

    I recently acquired a used TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, and the back-up battery cover states LR44. The button cell that was in there had leaked a bit, but did not leave any residue in the compartment. I have replaced it with a new cell, but the calculator will not power on with the back-up installed. It works fine with just the main batteries, though. Any ideas?

  7. Dave

    The calculator is not designed to run on the back up battery alone, the battery is just in place to hold your data while you replace the AAA’s that the calculator does run on.

  8. Lee

    I have ti-84 plus, but I have never received the low battery notification before.
    My calculator doesn’t work when it is out of battery. That is how I know I need to change them. Is there way to set the notification??

    • susan smith

      I’m writing you to ask if your TI-83 light ever went out? Everything works – I put in new batteries (not the back up batteries tho) but I’m not getting the internal light and it’s difficult to see the screen? Any suggestions?

  9. Margaret Tyndall

    Cannot find battery for TI84 Plus C Silver Edition. Has flat battery – no AAA Where do we get a new battery

  10. Charles Adie

    I put new batteries in my TI83 and when the calculator is on or off I have a blurr in the right hand corner of the screen that looks like a tree. What is wrong?

  11. dave

    My ti-84 plus is about 5-6 years old. recently, it could not be switched on. I have tried to replace the back up batteries together with the AAA batteries. afterwhich, its seems fine. However, after 3-4 uses, it prompted with “Your batteries are low. Recommend change of batteries.” I replaced it with another new set of 4 AAA batts. However, the same thing happened again.

    Do note that I am using a brand new AAA alkaline cell from Energizer. This keeps popping up and I wonder what is the cause of the problem and how should I fix it?

  12. Allison

    Just replaced the triple A barriers but my calculator won’t turn on. Help. I have the ti-83 plus

  13. E. A.

    Was given a used TI-83 Plus with no instruction manual or charging plugs/cords. Replaced all the AAA batteries and followed the instructions on how to turn it back on. Only problem is half of the numbers can’t be seen. If I type in an 8 it looks like a 3. What is the problem? I need help! This is for my college math class.

  14. Linda

    I am trying to sell my TI-83 Plus, but noticed it does not turn on with new batteries and I don’t know where the charger is. The hole for charger is round… any suggestion for where to buy one? It seem the only ones Amazon have are those little rectangular ones?

  15. Leo Jacob

    Um yeah, being new how do you properly remove the back cover so i can yeah maybe install the brand new batteries on the brand new ti84 plus without breaking this. yeah old and do everything on my pc, not the phone not an ipad not a laptop…

  16. Genti

    Hi! Can we use the recharger when we use not recharger batery AAA?

  17. Nikita Francis

    I changed my Tripple A batteries as well as the back up batter (LR 44) however when I turn on my calculator it still says it recommend me to change the batteries. Please do assist. Thanks!

  18. Bianca

    We have the same problem as Nikita Francis. We have changed the regular batteries and the backup batteries on the TI-83 plus and the message recommending to change the batteries persists. The calculator stops working every two weeks or so, despite new batteries. Help!

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